invantivedata hub

Controlled and timed data exchange for Exact Online

Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts on Exact Online. Ideal for high volume data loads (import) and extractions (export) for Exact Online ("ETL"). It provides a headless mode which makes it ideal for use in server environments and scheduled uploads and downloads in lights-out operations. But also interfaces for EDI (XML, text), MailChimp, outbound email, PayPal, web services, cash registers, XML Audit files (XAF, XAA, XAS), Odoo and/or SugarCRM can easily be established using the available connectors. Data Hub also assists you with a an initial migration or continuous conversion for switching to Exact Online.

Thanks to the seamless compatibility with the popular Invantive Query Tool scripting language, you can easily move business processes you have designed on Invantive Query Tool into a server environment. Besides high volume data loads (such as importing General Ledger Transactions) you can also generate reports in Excel and other formats using data from Exact Online and export documents such as invoices. For this you will use Invantive SQL, similar to the SQL you use with ODBC driver or JDBC.

Supports database platforms in addition to Exact Online are for example:

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • ODBC
  • Freshdesk
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Nmbrs
  • Kadaster
  • CBS
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • DB2
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • JIRA
  • ECB
  • StackExchange
  • Office 365

The support for headless mode enables Invantive Data Hub to be started by batch files or from the Windows Task Scheduler. When running Invantive Data Hub in headless mode, you will enjoy the integrated logging features for easy analysis and auditability.

For worldwide reporting and analysis on Exact Online you can use Invantive SQL to collect data across multiple Exact Online countries. Also you can use the so-called "distributed option" to real time combine and change data across multiple databases through SQL as if all company data are one big data warehouse. Access is available for XML, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Access to enterprise platforms such as Teradata, IBM or Oracle requires a different license form.

All features of the software can be used during 30 days for free. After registration you will get invoiced EUR 50 every month you use Invantive Data Hub (per server and two administrations). Each additional administration is charged EUR 5. There is no term of notice; when you stop using the software you will only get an invoice for the current month and no subsequent invoices.

According to our users are "CData" and "Invantive Data Access Point" similar solutions for exchanging data with Exact Online through SQL. Don't forget to also consider these alternatives!

Optimize your Exact Online business processes

The Exact Online Edition of Invantive Data Hub provides the following benefits to optimize your business processes:

  • Schedule and run high volume data loads and extractions of Exact Online.
  • Headless and command-line driven for use on servers.
  • Invantive Query Tool-scripting language compatible.
  • Share reports in PDF, SQL, CSV, Excel and XPS format to network shares or Dropbox.