invantive controlthé Exact Online Excel add-in

Analysis, reporting and consolidation with Microsoft Excel and Exact Online

Real-time reporting and analysis with Microsoft Excel and Exact Online

Invantive Control is an Excel add-in. Invantive Control provides businesses with all the live information needed to make real-time management decisions. In addition Invantive Control empowers you to create, secure and share detailed Excel reports in Microsoft Excel using data directly from Exact Online.

Your Excel files will retrieve live data from your Exact Online companies. The Excel add-in for Exact Online easily scales from one to 100 companies without changing reports. With Invantive Control you will have all the features you need to structure your reports and to decide how to optimise your business in real-time.

Invantive Control for Excel is compatible with all editions of Exact Online, including accounting, trade, PSA, manufacturing and accountancy. Frequently used reports are:

  • Sales overview
  • Turn-around time of items in stock
  • Liquidity prognosis
  • Sales forecast
  • Cash flow
  • Financial dashboards
  • Financial statements
  • Budget versus actuals across cost centres and cost units
  • Time sheets and revenues across all projects per period
  • Generate general ledger transactions for reconciliation or cost/revenue allocation
  • Create and import complex quotation calculations
  • Import data from other applications and databases

You don't need a consultant to build a report. You easily compose your own reports using the hundreds readily available Excel functions on general ledger, debtors, creditors, fixed assets. These are completed by Excel functions on Exact Onlinelogistics, trade, projects and production. Every time you open the report the figures are automatically updated using live Exact ONline data.

Already existing Exact Globe Excel add-in reports can easily be converted by you to Invantive Control. The creation of new reports such as a trial balance is also aided by a report wizard, which allows you to create and configure new reports using the mouse. Large volumes of Exact Online data sets can also be downloaded easily into a worksheet of their own.

You can also use the bundled Microsoft Power BI connector for Exact Online to process data such as KPIs from Exact Online in your Microsoft Power BI reports.

For worldwide reporting and analysis on Exact Online you can use Invantive SQL to collect data across multiple Exact Online countries. You can combine data from over 70 other data sources using the so-called "distributed option" to real-time combine and exchange data as if all company data are one big global data warehouse.

All features of the software can be used 180 days for free with no further obligations. Most users choose an EUR 49 monthly subscription after the trial period for up to 100 Exact Online companies and 2 users. There is no term of notice; when you stop using the software you will only get an invoice for the current month and no subsequent invoices.

The add-in can be active at the same time as other popular Excel add-ins such as CaseWare for accountancy.

Cash flows, Finance, Risks, Valuations and Exact Online, together in control

The Exact Online Edition of Invantive Controls provides you with benefits such as:

  • Flexibility of Microsoft Excel paired with the data integrity provided by Exact Online in the cloud.
  • Download and upload facts to Exact Online directly from within Excel using an Excel add-in.
  • Process, consolidate and report 1 or 100 administrations at once.
  • Easy-to-use Excel formulas to retrieve facts from Exact and data blocks for large volumes.
  • Calculate projected figures, future cash flows and return on capital investment in real-time.
  • Use Exact Online data from within Microsoft Power BI.