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Free Online SQL Editor for Exact Online via web browser

The Online SQL Editor for Exact Online provides you with real-time Business Intelligence. It doesn't matter where you are; via the web browser you can login from any location and you are be able to extract, organize and analyze data, stored in the cloud of Exact Online. The requested information can then be processed easily into insightful reports. Then, you can save your reports in PDF, Excel and other formats.

This allows you to visualize opportunities and threats and deliver reports to the management. This way you can make the right business decisions.

For use we request you to provide us with your contact data.

The supported SQL grammar for your query and the restrictions are available on, but of course the most SQL statements you have learned using ODBC driver or JDBC will work too.

Optimize your Business Intelligence and the Online SQL Editor

The Online SQL Editor provides you with the following benefits:

  • Interactive and online access to your company information via any modern web browser
  • Usable from any location and any platform, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad etc.
  • Connect directly with Exact Online with the same credentials.
  • Share reports in PDF, Excel and other formats with information from Exact Online
  • Over 400 tables and views accessible through both XML and REST APIs
  • Consolidate and report across one or multiple administrations at once.


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