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Execute SQL queries on Exact Online

Free Real-time Business Intelligence for Exact Online

Invantive's free SQL Query Tool for Exact Online provides you with real-time Business Intelligence across your entire enterprise. It provides access to your crucial company information stored in the Exact Online cloud. No programming, no coding, no Excel downloads; just use the SQL knowledge you already have gained using ODBC driver or JDBC. This enables you to organize your business data fast for correct decision making. You are be able to extract, analyze and report business data such as sales leads, project execution, general ledger transactions and accounts payables.

Optimize your Business Intelligence with Exact Online and the Invantive Query Tool

The Invantive Query Tool provides all the functionalities needed to make the right business decisions based upon your business data in the Exact Online cloud. Businesses and organizations will be provided with the following benefits:

  • Automatic analysis of your business activities, compliance and business rules.
  • Uncover threats and opportunities by turning business data into real-time intelligence.
  • Connect real-time to Exact Online corporate data for both on and off database reporting.
  • Share reports in PDF, SQL, CSV, Excel and XPS formats with information from Exact Online.
  • Directly connect to Exact Online; no programming, no coding, no Excel downloads.
  • Open SQL scripts from the file system or a document management system.

For use we request you to provide us with your contact data.

The supported SQL grammar and the restrictions are available on

The free edition is limited to 100 rows when used in combination with Invantive SQL.

Optimize your Business Intelligence with Exact Online and the Invantive Query Tool

The Exact Online Edition of Invantive Query Tool provides you with benefits such as:

  • Free query tool for Exact Online.
  • Use of SQL for your Exact Online environment.
  • Consolidate and report on hundreds of administrations at once.
  • No programming is needed to access the Exact Online webservices.
  • Re-use your existing SQL skills.