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invantive data access point

Add additional protocol support to Exact Online APIs

The Exact Online Edition of Invantive Data Access Point is available both online and on-premise. The software allows you to exchange data across various communication protocols with Exact Online. But also interfaces for EDI (XML, text), MailChimp, outbound email, PayPal, web services, Odoo and/or Sugar CRM can easily be established using the available API connectors.

Invantive Data Access Point acts as a proxy that based upon Invantive UniversalSQL statements (such as used with ODBC driver or JDBC) exchanges data with Exact Online using ten additional API protocols:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON
  • BSON
  • Atom
  • RSS
  • CSV
  • Text
  • Excel 2007
  • XML+XSL.

All features of the software can be used during 30 days for free. After registration you will get invoiced EUR 50 every month you use Invantive Data Access Point (per 10 administrations). For each additional administration EUR 5 will be charged. There is no term of notice; when you stop using the software you will only get an invoice for the current month and no subsequent invoices.

According to our users are "CData" and "Invantive Data Hub" similar solutions for exchanging data with Exact Online through SQL. Don't forget to also consider these alternatives!

Cross-protocol data exchange across many platforms

Invantive Data Access Point provides the following benefits to optimize your business processes:

  • Simplify business process automation by integration and orchestration.
  • Extend Exact Online by supporting many additional communication protocols.
  • Re-use Invantive UniversalSQL statements to specify data down- and uploads.