Invantive | Authenticator

Trusted and Free Dutch software for Exact Online Verification Code

Invantive Authenticator is a two-step verification solution for use with TOTP-protected websites and products such as Exact Online. Made in Holland by a partner of Exact, awarded accountancy app partner of the year 2017. It supports TOTP according to RFC 6238 and provides additional export/import options.

First, install the application on a Windows PC, laptop or terminal server. Then you run Invantive Authenticator from the start menu.

You can copy and paste a picture or PNG-file with a QR code into Invantive Authenticator. You can also use the button "Add" to add a QR code for which you want to get verification codes. You can also manually provide a secret. Follow the instructions on to retrieve the secret.

Questions, suggestions and/or comments? Preferably call us at +31 88 00 26 599. Alternatively, email your remarks to

Your benefits:

  • Made in Holland.
  • Trusted and free software.
  • Export accounts to QR Code images.
  • Import accounts by drag&drop of QR Code images in files and clipboard.
  • Integrates with other Invantive products.


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